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Lowes Complaint - Lowes complaint - kobalt tools
Lowes Complaint

Lowes Complaint


Lowes complaint - kobalt tools

i bought kobalt tools from lowes . i think they are better than craftsman except when it comes to warranties. at sears you bring the tool in they inspect it and replace it free of charge. i went to lowes my poket knife fell apart i got another one went to retuens presented the so called kobalt warranty "hassle-free" and this is what i got, let me see your id, your address and name wont let us replace this becuase lowes system wont let it through. then politely i got mad the warranty states this and i quote "LIFETIME HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE, You should never have a problem with your Kobalt tools,However, if you do, just return it to the place of purchase for a free replacement, no questions asked. this is false advertisment and lowes is cheating people out of there money if they cannot stand behind the guarantee of a product they sell. if i could sue them for the embarrasment i will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My money means the world to me even if they disrespect it with lies. That's why i buy tools with a warranty aint that what we supposed to do!!!!!!!! By the way it was the lowes at 117 william penn plaza durham,nc 27704

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Vintage66 says: (4 years ago)
There is a way to do it when you return a hand tool to lowes. Power equipment all has to go back to the original manufacturer for service under warranty, just like Sears.
When you by a hand tool from Lowes the number on the tool is considered your receipt. The biggest issue is that most of the tools will outlast any given production run and a newer revised tool will have a different number on it. You have to be satisfied with getting a replacement that's close to what you had and possibly better.
Chances are unless the tool breaks a few days after you buy it you may not be able to replace it exactly.

IvanWagnon says: (4 years ago)
Lowe's is a sorry business!!!!! They are suppose to honor the lifetime warranty on Task
Force tools, we have looked it up on line and it does have a lifetime warranty on the tool!!
Just because they said it doesn't have a lifetime warranty they would not honor it!!! I think they should be run out of business!!! They have a 3/8 wratchet
therefore would not honor the lifetime warranty!!! No more of my money spent at lowe's!!!!

rlbrown says: (4 years ago)
I bought an oil filter wrench about a year ago and the handle broke. I was told that Lowes no longer carries this tool and that I would have to deal directly with Kobalt. Trouble is, there are no sites available with contact info online to try to get it replaced or get a refund. The "hassle free" lifetime warranty is apparently only good until you leave the store. I am very disappointed with Lowes and also Kobalt.

mwest479 says: (5 years ago)
After reading these reviews , I think Lowes & Kobalt have a serious credibility problem. WILL find out when I return my broken 1/4" drive ratchet for replacement.

MarkAMartin says: (6 years ago)
I used to work for Lowe's. You only get flagged if you return too many things without being able to find the invoice in a short period of time. They are protecting themselves from having shoplifters bringing stuff back. Best practice is to use MyLowes. You'll NEVER get blocked because it keeps track of those receipts that you apparently didn't.

aficial says: (6 years ago)
bullshit!! I had bought a tool from them with my debt card and when i tried to exchange my tool with a new one, they denied me even when i gave them my ID.
Apparently i returned a couple of items without a receipt 8 yrs. ago. And my ID is not good for them now. Bullshit!!

kohlzy15 says: (7 years ago)
I agree. I have made Kobalt Tools my go-to brand as I am new at woodworking and home repair. I have bought and used many tools at work and home and Kobalt actually rates pretty bad. I have had a problem with over half of the tools I have purchased from them (Coping saw handle stripped on the first use, countersink bit broke in half, etc) They have good ideas and their products appear durable but they are actually very cheap. The warranty is a crock too, they might as well leave that off of the package because it won't do anyting for you. Pretty disappointed Kobalt

carass69 says: (7 years ago)
I bought a set of Kobalt sockets at Lowes in Corbin, Kentucky, one of the sockets had to be taken back for replacement and the store told me that I had to contact Kobalt directly for the exchange. Why buy Kobalt tools from Lowes when they will not replace damaged tools and Sears will replace Craftsman tool in the store.

April 1, 2012 Concerned Costumer

cfthgss says: (7 years ago)
my lowes replaces it on the spot no quetions

fredmolassis says: (8 years ago)
Lowes just sucks, period. Sears will take back a broken tool truly no questions asked. The Lowes process is absolute BS. What if you can't go back to the original store? What if you don't have the credit card anymore? What if you paid cash? What if it was 10 years ago?

Lowes just sucks, their products suck, their employees suck and they will never be able to compete with REAL hardware or tool stores ever.

brit says: (8 years ago)
First of all - this guy is an idiot. Lowes DOES stand by the lifetime warranty. The reason that that Lowes asks for your drivers license, phone number, when/where you purchased the item is because the computer will then automatically search through its credit card receipts for your purchase. If the computer finds your purchase - then it will refund the $ you paid back to your credit card or debit card. That way - if you decide to return something and then Kobalt doesn't make THAT specific tool anymore and you don't want the new model - then you can simply walk away with the complete refund of the money. *** I used to work at Lowes and it was truly annoying how people would become when we would try to GIVE THEM THEIR MONEY BACK! Geez - some people just take the money refund and go buy something completely different with the cash. This guy shouldn't bash the people who work at Lowes - he shouldn't lose his temper - OF COURSE they are going to honor the lifetime warranty! What an idiot!

dwf67 says: (9 years ago)
I purchased a Co2 setup from Lowes to use my finish nailers and pin nailers. It was advertised to fire 1500 nails but I might have shot 200 and now I need another cartridge. I would have never entertained purchasing this tool if I had known this. I always operate it strictly by the instructions. Is this normal for this tool?


David Frazier

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